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Alps Group is committed to create and produce toxin-free and eco-friendly daily consumables at affordable prices so that everyone can experience this change.

Every household stocks hygiene and bathroom tissues in a variety of brands but they have all one thing in common – every roll is made from trees.

Alps Group found a safe, more sustainable and eco-friendly source in the most unexpected origin – BAMBOO!

Bamboo absorbs and produces 35% more carbon and oxygen than trees. This helps slow global warming as it removes a vast amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Bamboo is grown without pesticides or insecticides. Due to its ease of growth and extraordinary growth rate, it makes an abundant, readily available, sustainable and efficient crop.

Thus, becoming a logical source and excellent alternative of tree-free pulp for the manufacture of bathroom tissues.


We have now included brands of likeminded vision of creating safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly products on Cloversoft & Co.


How natural & safe are the products at  Cloversoft & Co.

At Cloversoft, we do not just cater to the extremely sensitive, we understand our customers are unique and have different needs. Some customers want ‘better than conventional’ products, but are on a tight budget. Some customers have health issues and allergies and want the very best quality and only organic products.

We cater for all of you !

Read below to find out where we draw the natural & safe line in each category. If you draw the line in the same place, you can safely choose anything from our range. If your needs are more refined, have a good read of our product descriptions and feel free to contact us and ask any questions. We will be there to help.

You can make an appointment for us to call you to provide the best solution that will suit your needs. For those with health issues, a paid phone consultation with our consulting naturopath can also be arranged.


  • Everything designed to touch food or drink is BPA Free, lead free, phthalate free, PVC free.
  • Everything designed to be put on your skin is SLS free (plus a few other things too).
  • We do not sell anything petrochemical based.
  • We do not sell anything that needs to come with a warning label.
  • To offer safer products on a budget than they will find at a supermarket or chemist, we do sell a limited range of quality budget brands containing small levels of preservatives.
  • We research and hand select all of our stock, ensuring everyone has shopping options – from those with allergies, health issues and sensitivities all the way down to those who just want a safer alternative to the products they are currently using.
  • If we get even one complaint about the quality or integrity of any product, it’s put back under the spotlight to double check it’s suitability in our range. If it fails, we stop selling it.
  • It is important to remember that plenty of people have reactions and allergies to a great number of safe and natural products. Not all products will be suitable for everyone.
  • We provide as much information on our products as possible, but for those with health questions, nothing on our website should substitute one-on-one medical advice from your own doctor or natural health provider.


  • Every piece of food preparation and food storage, including ALL lunch boxes are BPA Free.
  • All stainless steel is food grade & those that are painted are done with non-toxic paints.
  • All insulated lunch bags are free from PVC, BPA & lead, including the ice packs that go in them.
  • Our glass range of cookware and food storage are oven proof (without the lid).

We welcome further questions about any of our range before purchasing. Contact us today for more info.


  • All products are free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate).
  • We do not sell anything based on mineral oil or any petrochemical.
  • All products are free from propylene glycol.
  • We do not allow artificial fragrances. *
  • All our products are vegetarian.
  • Vegan products (when labelled by the manufacturer as such) are clearly marked.
  • Some of our products contain sustainable palm oil. This is not a health risk, it’s an ethical choice, and as such, we clearly mark our range and let our customers decide for themselves.
  • Some of our products contain preservatives at levels below 1%. If you have a zero-tolerance policy for preservatives, please read through the ingredients on our products and ask for our advice before making your selection. We highly recommend you purchase a copy of The Chemical Maze to help you rid unwanted additives from your life.

We welcome further questions about any of our range before purchasing. Contact us today for more info

* There is one exception, our hair dye products. There is no such thing as a chemical free hair dye product, but we offer safer solutions than those found in supermarkets and chemists. We are incredibly open and up front about this in our product descriptions. Those with chemical sensitivities need to turn grey gracefully (as the owner of this store is!)


  • All products are free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate).*
  • They’re also free from chlorine, ammonia, phosphates & nitrates.
  • Because of this, our cleaning products do not require danger or warning labels because there are no harmful chemicals to inhale in them – even our oven and bbq cleaners.
  • A select few cleaning products contain small amounts of preservatives. Please check the list of ingredients before selecting a product if you’re ridding your life from all preservatives.
  • All our essential oils are quality organic products only.
  • Our candles are beeswax and are the safest candle for air quality. Soy is better than parrafin wax, but unless grown organically and non-GMO, can release toxins in to the air as they burn.
  • All products, including our air fresheners, are non-aerosol.

We welcome further questions about any of our range before purchasing. Contact us today for more info.

Cloversoft products do not contain harmful chemicals or petrochemicals or plastics (for wet wipes). They are tested by swiss labs to ensure that your family’s usage daily disposables are safe for them and the Earth because Cloversoft unbleached bamboo tissues, cloth and wipes are biodegradable.

You always have to be different to be using Cloversoft.

We think that they are the people who buys them to not only fulfil their responsibilities. We think that they are out there to change the lives of their families and the planet.

Dr Blanc Bamboo Tissues are naturally antibacterial.
Our tissues are hypoallergenic, ink-free and unscented. They are bleached without chlorine (Totally Chlorine Free; TCF). These bamboo tissues are bleached with oxygen, ozone, or hydrogen.

& Other Safe & Eco-Friendly Products