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Top 6 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Baby Wipes

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Are you selective about your baby wipes or do you simply get any off the shelf? If you belong to the latter, it’s time to make a change for the safety of your little one. The skin of infants is generally more sensitive and thus are susceptible to rashes and allergies and some of them don’t grow out of it.  Sounds terrifying, isn’t it? This could be easily avoided by using the right baby wipes for your newborn right from birth and here are some of the top 6 ingredients that you should avoid in your baby wipes.  


This product is meant to be a stabiliser for the product. However, studies have proven side effects such as rashes, hives and eczema, irritation to skin and eyes and even blistering. It can also affect the central nervous system if used excessively in infants. Although it’s not harmful in small concentrations, it is better not to have it at all isn’t it?  


This is used as a preservative in many skincare brands, but it can easily penetrate the skin. There were studies which have found traces of five Parabens in the breast tissue of 19 out of 20 women studied and was concluded that Paraben is associated with the likelihood of developing breast cancer. The result of the study concluded that Paraben usage and breast cancer occurrence is a correlation but not a direct causation but what was identified was that Parabens can penetrate the skin and remain within the tissue.

They are believed to mimic the hormone, oestrogen and excess levels of the hormone can promote breast cell division and growth of tumors thus the link to increased likelihood of breast cancer. They are also bad for the environment as they have been found in tissues of marine animals when the products we use are washed into the sewage. There are many other synthetic-free preservatives in the market so if this is avoidable, it’s better to stay safe than sorry!  


Who doesn’t like nice smelling things? But when it is use on the skin, it may not be so desirable. Fragrances can help to cover the smell of poo poo but it can also cause certain types of eczema and lead to the development of skin sensitivity among young children and infants.  

 Petrochemicals, ethylene oxide and 1,4-Dioxane 

In the product of most baby wipes, Petrochemical raw materials are often used. They can affect human life by accumulating in tissues/ organs and cause brain, nerve and liver damage, birth defects, cancer, asthma, and hormonal disorders. Sounds like a long list isn’t it? Ethylene oxide is also used frequently to make the petrochemicals less irritating to the skin but it forms a by-product (1,4-Dioxane) which are actually classified as carcinogens and you definitely do not want it to be near your baby 


We use the natural color of the bamboo fibre which explains its natural off-white color of the baby wipes. This means that there is no chlorine bleaching that goes into the process. With chlorine bleaching, dioxin is a by-product that is released, and dioxin is also another known carcinogen that you would want to avoid.  


Alcohol is actually a double-edged sword. You can use it to eliminate bacteria but due to its strong antibacterial properties, it can be too harsh for a baby’s skin and might cause irritation to the skin.  

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Cloversoft’s 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes are free from all the above ingredients and it might be a good product for you to begin with if you are lost for choices out there. These baby wipes are made from Unbleached Bamboo Fibre which makes them thicker and more durable than other wipes. In addition, the wipes are made of natural and organic ingredients which make it a great choice for the gentle and delicate skin of your baby. The wipes are also made from Eco Certified (a certification body for the development of standards in natural and organic products) organic aloe vera and it is safe for the baby from the face to the bum. Check it out here now!