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The Journey to Making it Yours: Season One 

The Journey to Making it Yours: Season One 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been taking thousands of lives every single day, and putting millions more in the hospital. In the span of a few months, our entire world has changed.  

We need to change with it.  

As we continue to live through this pandemic, it is easy to neglect the importance of hand hygiene when resources like soap and water are not always readily available. Yet, maintaining stellar standards of hand hygiene is more crucial now than ever before. We understand that convenience and accessibility are pivotal in upkeeping a lifestyle of hand hygiene for you and your loved ones. As such, we sought to create a product that will be integral in helping you tide through these times. 

With your optimal experience and safety in mind, the first product of Making it Yours will be our very own hand sanitiser holders. This was decided upon when we realized that ringing endorsements for hand hygiene by governments and international stakeholders alike were oftentimes not reflected in the society at large.  

In our daily lives, it is easy to overlook the importance of hand hygiene given that germs are invisible to the naked eyeWithout a visual cue, we often end up forgetting to wash our hands before and after meals since they are not visibly dirty, or neglecting to sanitise after coming into contact with high touch point areas (e.g. lift buttons or door handles).  

Our hope is that our hand sanitiser holders will therefore serve as a visual reminder to regularly sanitise our hands in our daily lives, and elevate this sensibility in Singapore, and beyond. 

Our Esteemed Collaborators 

To materialize our vision, we sought the talent and help of three female movers and shakers to co-design hand sanitiser holders that are unique to them and meaningful in their own ways. These collaborators are all trailblazers in their own right, having forged a path for themselves in a world that is a far cry from what they were used to. In this campaign, they have painstakingly invested their efforts in the hopes that their influence and design will bring the importance of hand sanitising to the forefront of our collective consciousness.  

Over the course of 2020, you can look forward to exclusively designed hand sanitiser holders that you can proudly flaunt as we acclimatize to a new normalOf course, these holders are as ergonomic as they are stylish. Made with durable silicone, they are easily attachable to any bag, belt loops, and more, keeping your hand sanitisers within easy reach for regular use.  

Each of the three designs were materialized with the collaborators’ best intentions in mind. They each carry a meaningful message that our collaborators wished to share with you in the hopes of spreading positivity during these tough times. On our part, we have done our best to ensure that their designs have been accurately captured for each product, while keeping to our central tenets of utilising eco-friendly and safe materials.  

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A Bold Initiation  

Our first Making it Yours designer is none other than fashion maven Yoyo Cao. Her design brings us a bold message of defiance against tough odds, wholly apt for the trying times today. To learn more about her design, do check out her message here. 

As we launch this first season of Making it Yours, we hope that you will join us in supporting this meaningful initiative. By carrying these hand sanitiser holders on you, you too can become ambassadors for hand hygiene and regular hand sanitising 

We will be disclosing our next two collaborators for Season One of Making it Yours in the coming months. Do stay tuned to our social media platforms to be the first to know when we do so. We promise that it’ll be well worth the anticipation. 

Join us in keeping everyone safe today, tomorrow, and always.