Cloversoft Plant-Based Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Tissues 3 Ply (10 Rolls x 200 Sheets)

Plant-Based & Organic Tissues!

Made from 100% Unbleached Bamboo pulp, Cloversoft’s plant-based tissues retain its original brown shade and has a natural bamboo scent.

♥ Plant-Based & Organic

♥ Antimicrobial

♥ No harsh chemicals and chlorine-free

♥ FDA approved and meets EC food standards

♥ Suitable for sensitive skin and prevents skin irritations

♥ Suitable for babies and infants

♥ High absorbency and strong

♥ FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified & eco-friendly

♥ Not tested on animals

Each Carton contains 10 Packs of 10 Rolls of 200 Sheets each.

The product is not available in your country.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions46 × 10 × 18 cm