[36% OFF] Eco Bare Water By Cloversoft (330ml) – 12 Bottles Per Carton

I’m Sustainable!

Our Eco Bare Water Bottles are…

  • Lower in Carbon Footprint – Cartons, like our Eco Bare Water Bottle, have up to 80% less CO2 impact than plastic bottles
  • 100% Recyclable & Repurposable – The FSC Certified paperboard can be recycled into paper products and the remaining fraction into panel boards, sheets, etc.
  • Made Using Quality Tetrapak Packaging – With special inner lining to ensure your purified water stays fresh
  • Made from 75% Renewable Materials – Reduces the need for fossil-based materials that helps us protect the biodiversity and our natural environments
  • Eco-Friendly with Bio-Based Cap – Vastly reduces plastic waste as bio-based caps are made from plant-based materials

Cloversoft aims to completely eradicate plastic bottle packaging which will potentially save 480 billion of plastic bottles annually. Our Eco Bare Water Bottle containing purified water is manufactured via advanced reverse osmosis technology.

Country: Malaysia

Size: 12 bottles x 330ml

Storage instruction: Store in a cool and dry area


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Additional information

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