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[Arissa X Cloversoft] Exclusive Eco-Friendly Food-Grade Hand Sanitiser Holder (2 holders)

Eco-Friendly & Food-Grade!

This set is for purchases within Singapore only.

Each set contains two Limited Edition Arissa X Cloversoft Eco-friendly & Food-Grade hand sanitiser holders and six bottles of Cloversoft Plant-Based 99.99% Germs Bgone Hand Sanitiser 60ml. 

**As part of our Share2Care initiative, for every set of MIY Bundle sold, Cloversoft will donate a carepack to a family in need or an animal shelter. Together, we can spread some love and warmth during this season!

This collaboration with Arissa resonates what she believes in — that even with differences between individuals, cultures, gender, races and nations, we are all still able to come together and find solidarity with love, heart and empathy. If you have been beaten down from the events of 2020, we hope that this final design will remind you to stand firm, practice self-love, and extend kindness to those around you. Let us work together to keep everyone safe today, tomorrow and always. 

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Additional information

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