About the Product 

What is included in a JA X Cloversoft set? 

Each set will include 6 limited edition JA X Cloversoft Hand Sanitiser Holders, 6 bottles of Cloversoft 99.99% Germs Bgone Hand Sanitiser (60ml), and a personalized gift card by Jeanette Aw. These items will come in an exclusively designed JA X Cloversoft gift box.   

How much does one set cost? 

Each set will cost S$82.40.  

What kind of bottles can fit into our holders?  

Our hand sanitiser bottles measure 12cm (H), 2.5cm (W), 4cm (L) 

How do we insert the hand sanitiser bottles into the Hand Sanitiser Holders?  

  1. Insert the top of the hand sanitiser bottles lid-side down into the hole at the bottom of the holder
  2. Stretch the rest of the holder gently over the bottle to fit. 

Are the Hand Sanitiser Holders food contact safe? 

Yes, the material used for the Hand Sanitiser Holders is silicone, and does not contain any chemicals or toxin that will contaminate food in the event of contact. However, due to the nature of the accessory, bacteria and germs might be found on the surface of the hand sanitiser holder due to day-to-day usage.  

What is the return or exchange policy for the sets of hand sanitiser holders? 

Due to the limited quantity of stocks available, strictly no returns and/or exchanges are allowed for the items sold within the set. This includes the Hand Sanitiser Holders and Cloversoft 99.99% Germs Bgone Hand Sanitisers (60ml) 

Will the sets be restocked once they are sold out?  

For details on restocks of the JA X Cloversoft set, do keep an eye on our social media platforms for the latest updates. (@cloversoft on Instagram, CloversoftSG on Facebook).

When will I be receiving my order? 

For the first round of pre-orders, delivery will take approximately 7 to 15 working days.  For the second round of pre-orders, delivery will take approximately 10-15 days.