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Safe | Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly

Alps Group is committed to create and produce toxin-free and eco-friendly daily consumables at affordable prices so that everyone can experience this change. Every household stocks hygiene and bathroom tissues in a variety of brands but they have all one thing in common – every roll is made from trees. Alps Group has found a safe, more sustainable and eco-friendly source in the most unexpected origin – BAMBOO! Bamboo is grown without pesticides or insecticides. Due to its ease of growth and extraordinary growth rate, it makes an abundant, readily available, sustainable and efficient crop. Thus, this allows bamboo to be a logical source and excellent alternative of tree-free pulp for the manufacture of bathroom tissues.

All of Cloversoft’s products are manufactured in China — the land of Giant Pandas and an abundance of bamboo groves. While pandas enjoy feasting on bamboo as their primary source of nutrition, Cloversoft has likewise found value in the bamboo groves in China. It is where we have managed to find the best species of bamboo for all our products. We have also made sure that the bamboo species we use do not come in conflict with what our Panda friends consume. Rest assured that all our materials go through stringent quality checks and controls to ensure their safety and quality. All products arriving at your doorstep are made of the best-quality bamboo, and is safe for babies, pets, and pandas alike!

At Cloversoft, we aim to provide a safe, eco-friendly and affordable solution to all our customers. These products are unbleached, which ensures that these daily essentials are not contaminated by bleaching agents which can have significant impact on the environment and the body. As such, use Cloversoft products with a peace of mind as they are free from harmful chemicals such as Paraben, Sulfates and Phthalates. These products has been tested to be biodegradable within 90 days which allows a reduction of waste in our landfills.

Not only do we cater to households, we also aim to reach out to restaurants and offices with our more environmental supplies. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more about what we can help you with!

Let’s reduce the amount of waste we generate through our daily activities, step by step together. Make the change today.