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About Cloversoft

The Cloversoft brand was founded with a vision for revolution. For decades, the tissue and #paperindustry has used tree pulp for production. This has created an unsustainable demand for trees, and increased logging rates have devastated forests worldwide. Cloversoft sought to find a safer, more #sustainable, and more #ecofriendly source for household tissues and #paperproducts.

We found our solution in Unbleached Bamboo Pulp. Compared to trees, #bamboo generates a much smaller carbon footprint during harvest. Moreover, eliminating the bleaching process allows Cloversoft to mitigate potential chemical pollution and eliminate toxins in our product.

Today, we continue to bring safe, eco-friendly daily consumable to households and businesses at affordable prices.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring you content about our mission, brand philosophy, and more! Tag along for the ride, and be part of the change.

If you’re interested in purchasing, you can do so via or our retail partners (Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, Redmart, Lazada, Fave, Fairprice, Isetan, Shopee, and Kiddy Palace).

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